NCLEX LaCharity Workbook Review

LaCharity: Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment is one of the best NCLEX prep resources you can use.  Kleneice and I were fortunate to have this workbook as a required resource during our final semester of nursing school but we got the most use from it through the interactive version online.  Our review is based on how we used it online, which we highly recommend!

Disclaimer: We purchased this workbook with our own money and we are not being compensated nor encouraged to write this review by the authors/publishers of this book. 

The LaCharity workbook is a MUST-HAVE for #NCLEX success!  Click through to read how we used this workbook to improve our critical thinking and test taking skills!


One feature that I really like about the LaCharity online question bank is the various ways you can set up your tests. The most basic mode to apply is study vs. exam mode, in which you can choose to see the rationales immediately after answering a question (study mode) or waiting until the end to analyze your incorrect answers and the rationales (exam mode).

Then, you are prompted to select questions from Part 2 (Chapters) or Part 3 (Case Studies). Kleneice and I only answered the questions from Part 2 in order to ensure a randomized selection. The case studies would follow the progression of events for a single patient after an in-depth summary of the patient's history.  While the case studies were an excellent source of additional practice questions, Kleneice and I wanted to simulate the NCLEX experience as much as possible and opted to use this question bank in a more randomized fashion. For example, on NCLEX, you will not have a series of questions about the same patient, so we did not want to get accustomed to studying in this way.

After selecting Part 2, you have the option to really narrow the focus of the questions you want to answer with the categories.  You can choose from options such as QSEN competencies, concepts (communication, gas exchange, ethics, etc), chapter (corresponding chapters in the textbook), or focus (assignment, delegation, supervision, and prioritization).

Question Quality

The questions featured in the textbook and online question bank are clearly designed to boost your critical thinking and test taking skills.  You won't find an abundance of knowledge-based questions in this question bank (if you select the "knowledge" focus, you will only have 3 questions to choose from!) These questions will challenge you to recognize when and to whom you can delegate tasks, and what to do when several patients with high acuity levels demand your attention.  After completing several questions, you will become a rockstar at delegation and prioritization, which are two key areas that need to be mastered before attempting NCLEX.

Monitoring Your Progress

It's important when you log in to the LaCharity question bank that you always use the same email address in order to get an accurate representation of your progress.  After completing a test, you have the option to get your results emailed to you just in case you would prefer to print and have a hard copy for later reference!

You can always access your past results by selecting "history" from the home screen. From there, you can select the exam that you want to review and you will see an extensive analysis of your test.  Not only will you see your overall score, but also how you performed in the areas of Assignment, Delegation, Prioritization, and Supervision, the QSEN competencies, and any concepts that were on the test.

How We Used LaCharity

The LaCharity textbook exercises were actually assigned to us as homework during our last semester of nursing school, but Kleneice and I wanted to answer the questions in an online format to prepare for NCLEX.  We answered most of the questions prior to working on the Kaplan QBank, which we strongly recommend.  Kaplan questions are entirely in a league of their own, and it can't hurt to improve your critical thinking skills before attempting them.

We selected the "focus" feature of testing and answered the questions one section at a time to truly master the skills needed for each concept.  For example, we worked through the "delegation" questions before moving on to the "supervision" content. We answered about 50-75 questions with each study session and analyzed the rationales for each question.

General Impression

The LaCharity online question bank is a relatively inexpensive investment that is worth purchasing.  These high quality questions will help you develop the critical thinking and test taking skills you need for NCLEX.  Because the question bank is a lot smaller than that of Kaplan and NCLEX RN Mastery, it can't hurt to start with this one and then move on to the more intensive resources.

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